A short introduction to the people behind Bulang and Sons. Most importantly, we would like you to become part of Team Bulang. Please join us and engage! 

Team Bulang: you and us in perpetual inspiration.




Founder and creative director of Bulang and Sons. Ran a successful design & branding agency in The Netherlands for over twenty years before fully committing his professional life to his personal passion. To be able to focus on vintage watches full-time and build a truly independent brand from the ground-up is a dream come true. He is still a collector at heart and now uses all of his creative energy to create new collections and products for Bulang and Sons. What drives Bernhard is to add something unique to the sometimes over-conservative world of vintage watches, to create his own signature lifestyle brand that resonates with fans and followers all over the world.


Operations Manager

Giacomo was active in the streetwear and fashion industry before joining Bulang and Sons in 2015. He has been Bernhard’s right-hand man ever since, responsible for marketing, business development and organization. Giacomo is an unwavering source of inspiration, out of the box ideas and reality checks. Created some of our most popular collections together with Bernhard. Always on-trend before it hits the streets.



Online Strategist (Mr. Data)

Patrick wants to make you part of the family – the Worldwide Bulang Family! This is how Patrick sees the customers of Bulang and Sons and he wants each and every one to have the optimum experience. People matter to Patrick, they make him happy. Happy people make him even happier. Patrick advises on the overall strategy of Bulang and Sons. He works for large international companies with a strong digital presence to strives to ensure that the online experience and interaction is no less engaging than a physical, offline business. Last, but not least, Patrick has an excellence taste and hence looks in mirrors a lot!


Customer Service

Invisible but invaluable for Bulang and Sons. Started the company together with Bernhard from the family garage and is still a driving force behind the scenes. Has a background in education but always shared the dream of running a family business together. Could not care less about luxury, could not care more about customer service; making sure you get your order in time.


Watch Department

Long-time watch-loving friend and vintage Rolex collector. Part of the Bulang and Sons team since 2017. Danny is always on the hunt for the finest watches and buys and sells with a true collector’s heart. Bernhard and Danny are the expert duo of our watch department. They are kindred spirits, sharing a passion for truly unique time pieces and other well-designed products with a soul.


Social Media & Watch Department

Berend is our social media guru and even has his own series Berend Talks Watches…because he loves watches…but then he really had no choice! As the son of the founder and owner Bernhard Bulang, alongside a passion for sneakers and streetwear, it is no surprise that Berend is a vintage watch lover. From a young age, he was immersed in the watch world attending fairs the famous Passion Meetings, surrounded by some of the best vintage watches in the world. Berend joined the company in 2020 as an intern as part of his studies but is a permanent member of the watch team. He handles our watch-related Instagram posts, meets clients and is always ready to answer your questions. His big passion is vintage and neo-vintage models which he loves sharing through his Berend Talks Watches series.


Operations & Sales Watch Department

Watch out for this 'Guy', he runs the operations and sales in our Watch Department. A Commercial Studies graduate, Guy has been a passionate watch lover for around ten years and was a familiar Bulang and Sons customer. When he saw that Team Bulang was growing, he jumped at the chance to join us and now plays a key role in the operations of the Watch Department. When you reach out to ask about a watch, it will usually be Guy who responds; when he’s not busy liaising with our watchmakers, sorting through new watch stock and planning upcoming 
watch drops with the team! Be warned though, Guy loves watches and his enthusiasm is infectious…you’ll end up buying that special piece!




Alice makes all our watches look so beautiful through her cool photographs! She joined the team in 2019, having worked extensively in the fashion industry.  A self-confessed nerd and voyeur, she enjoys soaking up the diversity that the culture of watch collecting has to offer. Whilst a relative newcomer to the world of watches, with a team like Bulang and Sons at her side, she learns something new about watches with every picture she takes. She loves spending her days in the office diving into a new collection or unique piece and finding just the perfect way to tell its story.


The Team Dog

Our office dog is as upbeat as can be and makes our work place feel a little more homely. Spends cold winter days lingering on the windowsill, but is always ready to play. Her daily walks keep us active!